January 31, 2014

Nordica Ostrava office building has a new tenant

Nordica Ostrava office building has a new tenant

Skanska, Buildings Division Branch Moravia, signed a lease at Nordica Ostrava for 737 sqm and will occupy the premises from 1st April 2014. Nordica Ostrava is now 83 percent occupied.

The Nordica Ostrava, developed by Skanska Property Czech Republic, features Scandinavian trends that highlight respect for the environment and nature. The flexibility of the floor plates satisfies both the big international tenants as well as medium and small sized tenants. The unique office space on the seventh floor with 250 sqm of open roof terrace, offers panoramatic views of Ostrava city centre and its surroundings.

"Ostrava is administrative, economic and social hub in the region of northern Moravia where Skanska wants to develop its business. The idea to move from Třinec to Ostrava existed in theory more than 10 years and therefore, we are proud that we could turn it into reality in 2013. Moving to Ostrava Nordica holds several benefits,” said Radek Vortel, Branch director Moravia North, Buildings division, Skanska a.s

In September 2013, Nordica Ostrava also welcomed a new tenant Sanaplasma that took 863 sqm on the ground floor. “Despite the tough market conditions, Nordica´s occupancy increased to 83 percent which proves the quality and attractiveness of the building,” added Alexandra Tomášková, Leasing Manager, Skanska Property Czech Republic.

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