February 10, 2014

ATALIAN Global Services opens the era of Energy Driven Maintenance

ATALIAN Global Services, a leading European company in the multiservice sector, has recently launched an innovative energy management solution. As a complement to its technical maintenance and facilities services, the group’s 60,000 skilled staffs in Europe are now performing energy efficiency solutions bringing 20 percent cost savings directly to their client energy bills, saving up to 2,4 Euro/sqm/year on commercial properties.

ATALIAN Energy Solutions, together with Ergelis, provides a cutting-edge energy efficiency solution, which facilitates energy savings through optimized management of energy-consuming equipment. This solution is implemented on top of the existing BMS and is coupled with operational services. Professional energy managers operating energy optimization through an innovative algorithm calculator to determine the optimal equipment settings, remotely operate the technical equipment. This solution guarantees savings over the operating period.

“The launching of ATALIAN Energy Solutions is in direct line with the Group’s strategy to create value for its customers by always better suiting their needs and expectations. We have seized the opportunity to bring our expertise through a small revolution in the field of facility management as in the future the real estate will move towards energy driven maintenance,” commented Matthieu de Baynast, President of ATALIAN International.

Atalian Global Services through its Atalian Energy Solutions division is already providing energy management solutions to 24 shopping centers in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. As a complement to cleaning, technical maintenance, security and landscaping services the group provides to all its customers teams dedicated to Atalian Energy Solutions, which are implementing energy performance solutions aimed at reducing the annual energy bills of their clients by 20 percent.

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