February 03, 2014

Mebe One Khimki Plaza delivered

Mebe One Khimki Plaza delivered

Mebe Group has announced the delivery of Mebe One Khimki Plaza, an A+ office building located in the first line of Leningradskoye Highway and 1.5 km from the Moscow Ring Road. The construction of the business center started November 2012 and has been fulfilled in full accordance with the schedule. The first tenants are going to be able to move into the new high-class office by Q2 2014. Knight Frank is the exclusive marketing and leasing agent of the property.

Mebe One Khimki Plaza is a 19-storeyed 44,000 sqm building with underground parking and a helipad constructed to meet the LEED Gold certificate requirements. Mebe One Khimki Plaza is slated as the first office property outside the Moscow Ring Road to receive a LEED certificate. According to the developers, innovative technologies, highest quality of the construction works and cutting-edge equipment make Mebe One one of the best and most comfortable office environments in Russia.

Mustafa Bilek, Mebe Group President, commented: “Keeping the promises we give to our partners and clients is extremely important for us. The same could also be said about meeting the scheduled deadlines. We highly appreciate the confidence of our clients and we definitely do our best to put the office buildings outside Moscow to a new quality level. With our Mebe One Khimki Plaza, we were intending to create a completely comfortable and health friendly workplace. Also our tenants will enjoy a wide range of supporting services adding some pleasure and comfort to the time spent at the office.”

Konstantin Losiukov, Director, Offices, Knight Frank, added: “Bringing such a high-quality property to the market is definitely going to influence the pattern of demand in the Moscow Region. Also worth mentioning is the decentralization trend observed during the past three years, according to which more and more companies choose offices located in a significant distance from the center of the city. This can be explained by the growing rental rates and a complicated local transport environment. In this regard, Mebe One Khimki Plaza seems to be a good contribution to such a fast growing part of the Moscow Region as Khimki.”

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