February 24, 2014

Sofia Ring Mall to open in September 2014

Sofia Ring Mall to open in September 2014

Sofia Ring Mall – the new shopping, recreation and sports center in the Bulgarian capital, will open its doors for visitors on 4 September, 2014.

According to the developers, the reason for the slight delay is that some of the construction has to be modified according to the needs of the largest Greek department store chain NOTOS and the entertainment center, both entering the Bulgarian market for the first time with the opening of Sofia Ring Mall. The change in the launch date is due to the decision that the shopping center and the department store intends to open at the same time, on the same date.

With the first NOTOS Galleries store in Bulgaria, to be situated in Sofia Ring Mall, the shop-in-shop concept will be introduced for the first time in the country. NOTOS is a leader in the department store sector in Greece and present in 8 shopping centers with over 40,000 sqm retail area. The chain operates stores in most of the Balkan countries, in Central Europe, Cyprus and Malta. The first NOTOS shopping center in Bulgaria will comprise some 60 famous apparel brands, 20 accessory and shoe brands and over 100 cosmetics and perfumery brands on a total area of 6,000 sqm.

The entertainment area will also occupy 6,000 sqm and will be by far the largest center of its kind in the country, offering exciting experiences for all ages and tastes.

Sofia Ring Mall is a €120 million investment project of the Greek companies Fourlis Group, which trades and produces quality durable goods, and Danaos Group, which deals in shipping, information technology, construction, banking and financial services. The shopping center will include more than 200 shops, a huge gaming hall, a new generation cinema and a parking lot with 3,500 spaces. Apart from NOTOS, some of the other key tenants of the new shopping complex include the chains H&M, Piccadilly, Technomarket, Mr.Bricolage, Yavor, New Look, Intersport and IKEA.

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