September 24, 2014

Infosys BPO Poland and Skanska sign record-breaking lease agreement for next 10 years

Infosys BPO Poland and Skanska sign record-breaking lease agreement for next 10 years

Skanska Property Poland and Infosys BPO Poland have signed a lease agreement for an area of over 21,000 sqm in Infosys Green Horizon office complex in Lodz. It covers new lease terms for the area already occupied by Infosys plus an additional 3,800 sqm of office space.

According to Cushman & Wakefield, which represented the tenant during the transaction, the agreement is the largest deal in the history of the Lodz office market and the biggest lease transaction in Poland in 2014. The new lease agreement extends the lease period to 2024.

Infosys BPO Poland is the largest business service centre in Lodz and one of the largest in Poland. The company’s specialists have already started working in the new area, located on the third floor of Green Horizon complex’s building B. From September, they will also occupy its second floor.

“Infosys Green Horizon is a proof that long-term cooperation based on dialogue and common values can be beneficial for both sides. Our building has been developed in cooperation with Infosys BPO Poland; therefore, it is an excellent example of an office complex that is suitable for outsourcing companies. Furthermore, this long-term agreement proves that the project has met all of the client's requirements, especially those regarding space flexibility,” said Katarzyna Zawodna, President at Skanska Property Poland.

The possibility of expanding within one location is one of the key aspects for companies from the business services sector while choosing their new office. This was the case with Infosys BPO Poland, who is planning to increase the number of employees by a further 500.

“The opportunity to contribute in the design stage of Infosys Green Horizon enabled us to acquire a place where we can remain for many years. Due to our cooperation, Lodz has gained a specific office building that meets the requirements of companies from the business services sector. These demands include the highest safety standards that result from regulations in contracts signed with our clients. Furthermore, the building offers great flexibility in terms of space arrangement. Therefore, we are confident that our offices will grow as our company grows. The building has a superb location and is both comfortable and worker-friendly. In other words: it has proven its value. Another agreement with Skanska was the obvious choice,” added MichaƂ Bielawski, Financial Controller Infosys BPO Europe.

"The agreement reinforces our long-standing cooperation we've had with Infosys BPO. It is the biggest transaction in the history of the office market in Lodz as well as the largest lease agreement in the Polish office market in 2014. I am confident that this will have a positive impact on how investment funds and developers will perceive Lodz,” commented Krzysztof Misiak, Partner and Regional Cities Manager in the office department, Cushman & Wakefield.

For Skanska, the lease agreement signed with Infosys represents the second record-breaking transaction in the past few weeks. Earlier this month, the company signed a new lease agreement with HP Global Business Center concerning an area of 16,400 sqm in the Dominikanski office building in Wroclaw. It was the largest transaction for regional cities in Poland in 2014. It is also the biggest lease agreement of this kind in the history of Skanska in the whole CEE region and for HP GBC in Poland.

Infosys Green Horizon has been LEED Gold certified. This proves the complex’s minimal impact on the environment, reduced water and energy consumption as well as the comfortable conditions inside the building.

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