October 27, 2014

Bogoljub Karic to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 4th Annual CEE Investment Awards

Bogoljub Karic to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 4th Annual CEE Investment Awards

The 2014 award for Lifetime Achievement will be presented to the founder and president of BK Group, Bogoljub Karic. The award is in recognition of his outstanding services to the Eastern European real estate sector and his company’s extensive international achievements.

Short biography

Bogoljub Karic was born in 1954 in the former Yugoslavia. The Karić family have owned manufacturing businesses in Eastern Europe since the 1960s. From this, Karić grew his business empire into a multi-billion dollar corporation, now known as the BK Group, which is composed of the following industry sectors:

• Manufacturing, civil engineering and constructing

• International wholesale, export & import trading

• Telecommunications and electronic media

• Banking and finance

• Media Group, TV, radio, magazines, newspapers and online

• Science and education - Karić is the founder and owner of the BK University

• The BK Foundation funds humanitarian aid in former Yugoslavia countries. It is focused on helping children, refugees and provides scholarships for disadvantaged and talented students. The activities of the Foundation are also centred on the promotion of cultural values.

In 2002, Karić created the Association of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the former Yugoslavia, the first true association of private businessmen in the former Yugoslavia set up since World War II.

Karić has been a visiting professor in several faculties he runs in the country and internationally. He is an author of many books which focus on private business, finance, and financial management and which were written by bachelor and master students at his own universities. He has honourable PhD from Osaka University, Japan.

In 1987 he established one of the first private construction companies in Moscow and Russia, which is now one of the largest construction companies in Europe with an estimated value of 20 billion euros for current construction projects.

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