December 29, 2014

Knight Frank to advise DH Supersam Katowice

Knight Frank to advise DH Supersam Katowice

Less than a year before the launch of DH Supersam in Katowice, Knight Frank signed an agreement with the subsidiary of Griffin Real Estate DH Supersam, demonstrating an innovative approach to asset management advisory services. The agreement covers advice in preparing DH Supersam for launch and for the operational phase as well as marketing and promotional activities. DH Supersam forms part of the property portfolio of Griffin Real Estate.

The agreement between Knight Frank and DH Supersam Katowice envisages asset management, incorporating comprehensive advisory services in the process of preparing the centre for launch. It is worth pointing out that this is a new phase of cooperation undertaken by both companies with a view to preparing DH Supersam’s operating expenditure budget (OPEX).

Under the new agreement, encompassing the client’s defined requirements, Knight Frank will be responsible for the preparation and implementation of launch-related budgets, organisation of tenders for services to be provided for the subject shopping centre, staff recruitment and training, development and implementation of procedures for the centre, preparation of an opening campaign and development of a 3-year promotional strategy. This means that Knight Frank will undertake, a comprehensive range of activities in the area of facility management, property management, marketing and promotion, coupled with direct preparations for the centre’s launch including community relations and organisation of tenders and briefings for subcontractors.

The Retail Asset Management team will work to develop and implement a strategy aiming to maximise Supersam’s value, thus also return on investment.

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