December 19, 2014

The construction of a new SEGRO facility in Warsaw

The construction of a new SEGRO facility in Warsaw

SEGRO has started the construction of a new warehouse facility at SEGRO Business Park Warsaw, Ożarów comprising almost 10,000 sqm of space. The first tenant in the building is Eden Europe – European producer of retail shelving systems. Another 90 percent of space within the facility is aimed at potential clients.

The construction of the new warehouse started in November 2014 and the completion is scheduled for QII 2015. The project will offer modules starting from 650 sqm (Small Business Units) and larger units, multiplying the basic modules. In total, 8,000 sqm of space is available for the tenants.

“The western area of Warsaw is an attractive location within Warsaw’s warehouse market. For years, especially since the opening of A2 motorway, it’s been one of the most active markets in the region. Its main advantage is convenient location enabling flexible urban distribution, also distribution to the south and west of the country and in the whole Europe,” said Magdalena Szulc, SEGRO Business Unit Director Central Europe.

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