February 02, 2015

25,000 sqm of warehouse premises purchased at PNK-Chekhov 2

25,000 sqm of warehouse premises purchased at PNK-Chekhov 2

PNK Group has announced a purchase agreement on 25,000 sqm of warehouse premises at PNK-Chekhov 2 located in the Moscow Region, along Simferopolskoye highway, 49 km from the Moscow Ring Road. The new owner of the premises has already been using the A+ Class warehouse facility for a few years and has extended expertise, so PNK Group’s warehouse complex has been selected for its objective benefits making PNK-Chekhov 2 one of the best warehouse properties in the Moscow Region.

Both the proprietor, PNK Group, and the new owner have been presented by international real estate consultancy CBRE.

The total area of the warehouse complex is 315,000 sqm of high-quality warehouse premises boasting with all the A+ class benefits. The construction works at PNK-Chekhov 2 started in 2012, the delivery is planned for 2015.

Oleg Mamaev, Executive Director, PNK Group: “Our market and the segment of high quality warehouse real estate are currently going through a very challenging period, which is evidently the best time for fundamental investments in infrastructure and increasing the efficiency of company’s warehouse logistics. Purchasing this high-quality effective warehouse, being the core of any kind of business, could be a good example of such investments. It is quite telling, that only PNK-Chekhov 2 has been selected among all the warehouse properties currently presented as the only one meeting all the criteria and benefits of modern A Class.”

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