May 29, 2015

New facade of Galeria Pomorska is taking shape as Carrefour starts their modernization

New facade of Galeria Pomorska is taking shape as Carrefour starts their modernization

The modernisation works within the Carrefour hypermarket in Galeria Pomorska have started with the aim to adjust the store to the chains’ newest format. As part of remodelling lighting and furniture, among others, will be changed and the walls will be refreshed. The layout of the store will also change. The works are set to be completed at the end of July.

In the meantime, intensive finishing works are being carried out within the new part of Galeria Pomorska, which also cover the external building façade. A few days ago the decoration elements were installed at the new entrances. These elements form an important part of the new image of the shopping centre. The glazing of the new main entrances to the centre has been carried out for some time now. The suspended ceilings, panels and lighting are being installed in the extension part of Galeria Pomorska, as well as new floor being placed.

“The extension is scheduled to be finished in less than four months. We are approaching the finale of the project that has been carefully planned and spread over time in order to reduce the impact of the works on the daily functioning of the centre. On the 10th September our customers will see the totally new and modernised Galeria Pomorska with a wider offer including brands that are new to the centre. It will be a huge event for the whole team involved in the extension,” said Teresa Kudrycka, the Director at Galeria Pomorska.

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