June 25, 2015

Carpooling – new service in Eurocentrum Office Complex

Carpooling – new service in Eurocentrum Office Complex

The Eurocentrum Office Complex in Warsaw has introduced a new service to employees working in the building. Carpooling is an innovative platform facilitating car sharing while travelling to and from work.

Carpooling is an increasingly popular option to reach a workplace. An alternative to traditional individual travel, it simply consists in car sharing. Motorists using this service chiefly have fuel economy in mind, but it also has a positive impact on the natural environment thanks to reduced CO2 emissions.

This solution primarily helps reduce transport costs as they are shared by a few persons. Also, Carpooling effectively helps reduce traffic jams in congested cities and ease parking problems.

Also, one cannot help but notice another positive aspect of this service, that is, integration of travellers. Sharing rides, people working in the same building can get to know each other better.

Carpooling is another non-standard service offered to people working in Eurocentrum. They can already use professional concierge services, in May tenants decided on the allocation of the participation budget for additional plants around the building and in summertime the manager of the complex runs a “Bike to Eurocentrum” action aiming to encourage cycling to work. All these actions are undertaken as part of Capital Park’s unique “Office Plus” strategy and its efforts to meet tenant needs.

Eurocentrum Office Complex is the company’s flagship project based on its “Office Plus” strategy aiming to create top class office space coupled with a range of services dedicated to tenants. “Office Plus” is a comprehensive response to changing tenant needs.

Once the second phase of the project is complete, Eurocentrum Office Complex will be one of the largest green buildings in Warsaw, providing 69,578 sqm of lettable space including 67,005 sqm of office space. In June 2014 the Capital Park Group completed the first phase of the project – the Beta and Gamma buildings with a total space of 42 337 sqm. The fifteen-story Delta building offering 27,241 sqm of lettable space will be completed as the second phase.

Eurocentrum Office Complex is being built in compliance with sustainable building rules confirmed by LEED CS Gold pre-certification, which guarantees care for the natural environment and comfort at work for future users.

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