August 12, 2015

Galeria Pomorska nears completion

Galeria Pomorska nears completion

On September 10th the extended Galeria Pomorska in Bydgoszcz will open 40 new shops and service points. The new spacious and bright interiors will join with the existing part of the centre, which is being modernized ahead of the opening.

The remodelling of the mall ceilings and skylights, new design graphics on part of the walls, partial replacement of the floor tiles and installation of decoration elements between the shops are only some of the refurbishment works that are currently being undertaken in the existing malls of Galeria Pomorska. The aim of the refurbishment is to adjust visually the existing part of the centre, which is well known to the inhabitants of Bydgoszcz, to the new shopping mall.

“The modernisation of the existing centre is the last element of changes in of Galeria Pomorska, which shall complement the centre’s extension and the widening of the offer. We want our visitors to have a feeling that they are entering the nearly new, though well-known shopping centre that welcomes them to the renewed interiors with the new brands. The refurbishment works in the existing part are carried out at night so that the interference with the functioning of the shopping centre is minimised,” said Teresa Kudrycka, centre manager of Galeria Pomorska.

Another element of the refurbishment is the modernization of a number of stores within Galeria Pomorska including Smith’s and Badura, whilst Promod is moving to a new, larger store and the existing Blumen 2000 flowershop will shortly move to a new shop nearby. The Apart jewellery shop is also undergoing changes as part of an extension of their store (from 80 to 110 sqm).

As a result of the extension, the offer will be extended by a series of new brands including Bershka, Stradivarius, Home & You, House, Sinsay, Reserved, Deichmann, Diverse, Medicine, Giacomo Conti, Bytom, Change Lingerie, Ecco and Briju.

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