September 30, 2015

Królewska in the heart of Warsaw emerges

Królewska in the heart of Warsaw emerges

Interesting opportunities for development and investments still act as a magnet for many local, but principally international companies of all kind, in poland's capital. With its busy business life, Warsaw has also developed to become a perfect business location, which is testified to by new office buildings, restaurants, as well as by an attractive shopping and entertainment offer.

In this part of the city, manageable gaps among buildings are a rare delicacy desired by developers. Two years ago, S+B Gruppe AG succeeded in purchasing one of the few unbuilt areas at the centre, and in designing an office building there, the core and shell of which has been completed in the meantime, and the building has also been provided with a façade. It is really hard to imagine a better location for such a property in Warsaw: strict city centre, surrounded by state-of-the-art office buildings being the premises of international companies, with just a few minutes’ walk from the nearest underground station Świętokrzyska, and with perfect connections by public transport. Just five minutes' walk away, businesspeople can find everything they might wish for: luxurious hotels, many restaurants and cafeterias, as well as the beautiful Ogród Saski Garden, The Grand Theatre, art galleries, or the Złote Tarasy shopping centre.

When developing the engineering design that would perfectly fit the surroundings, S+B had very ambitious goals: at the present phase of the construction, the building with the façade is clearly visible against the background, with its truly state-of-the-art design. In the showroom, it already gains interest in its final shape with boutiques, as in spring it will offer 6,000 sqm of appropriately tailored commercial and office space. Economical maintenance costs, interesting architectural image of the whole, as well as designed spacious terraces make the property a new landmark at the heart of the city. Tenants of the remaining eight floors will be able to enjoy many shops on the ground floor, as well as a restaurant with a terrace garden. The terrace designed on the sixth floor, freely accessible to all tenants, will be a special attraction. This open air area, furnished even with a kitchen, will not only encourage people to relax, but will also form a perfect place for business meetings, while offering the panorama of Warsaw’s city centre.

Alfred Michael BECK, a co-founder and Chair of the Supervisory Board of S+B Gruppe AG said: “In all our construction projects, we take particular care of improving the standard and quality of the surroundings. Our króLEWska project will not only allow for achieving this goal, but will even exceed the expectations. We are convinced that future tenants using the building will be enchanted the same way we are while working on this true gem of the construction art, and while making it happen.“

The team gathered around architects Martin Tröthan in Vienna and Piotr Bujnowski in Warsaw, together with specialist consultants, while developing a top-quality, future oriented, effective and efficient design for this top-quality Warsaw office building, has made it possible to reach for a certificate for a facility creating the principles for sustainable development, LEED Platin. Therefore, S+B Gruppe AG is still a pioneer in the sustainable development area. In 2011, as the first building, Zebra Tower was awarded in the Shell & Core category with LEED Gold certificate, while three years later, Hampton by Hilton Warsaw City Centre Hotel was the first hotel in Poland to obtain the LEED Gold certificate. Owing to królewska facility, there is a chance for a yet greater success, namely for obtaining the LEED Platin certificate.
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