February 23, 2016

Aura encourages modernization

Aura encourages modernization

Apart is another brand that has decided to extend their lease agreement in Aura Centrum shopping centre in Olsztyn and to fully refurbish their store at the same time. This way the jewellery company joined the group of 23 tenants of Aura who have modernized their shops or are planning to do it in the nearest future. It is the result of an active asset management implemented in Aura by Balmain Asset Management.

Stuart Lang, Director at Balmain Asset Management, commented: “In 2013 the Aura Centrum shopping centre underwent an extensive modernization carried out with the intention of upgrading the facility and improving the customer’ shopping experience. In order to achieve the desired result, the changes also had to cover the shops themselves. Many of our retailers share this vision and in the past 2 years most retailers who have signed to extend leases at Aura Centrum have also invested in upgrading their stores which is then reflected in attracting greater customer interest and turnover performance.”

Balmain Asset Management is the asset manager of Aura and is responsible for its commercialization. Balmain Property Management is the Property Manager.

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