February 21, 2017

The fourth edition of the Manufacturing Arena Conference

The fourth edition of the Manufacturing Arena Conference

The fourth edition of the Conference Manufacturing Arena will be held on March 9th in Wrocław. During that event a broad range of issues concerning the operation of production facilities will be discussed.

Manufacturing Arena is addressed to the managers and specialists of manufacturing enterprises in Poland. The Conference provides a platform by which the participants will have the opportunity to exchange experiences related to the latest technologies, best practices relating to the area of production management and the tools and methods of supporting the most important operational processes in the factory.

In the plenary session you will find: issues related to the implementation of Kanban, involved in robotization and automation of production facilities or getting agreements on the issue of mandatory energy audit. You will also meet the objectives of the philosophy of Kaizen in Polish realities. An event dedicated to modern production cannot do without subjects concerning IT systems for factories. However, on this occasion, your attention will be pointed to the fact that regardless of the degree of technological advancement, you cannot forget about the basics of organization production and methods supporting key operational processes in the factory.

An integral part of the Manufacturing Arena is a networking session. Networking session allows the participants of the event to get in touch with experts who will help you in solving problems concerning the operation of plants. They will share their experiences and solutions worth considering.

Please visit the website where you can register for our conference. Until February 24th you can find special conditions of participations, for more information go on website www.arenaprodukcji.pl

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