April 07, 2017

Unirii View “greens” in central Bucharest

Unirii View “greens” in central Bucharest

Unirii View, an 18,000 sqm office tower developed by Belgian investor Yves Weerts in downtown Bucharest, is advancing steadily and the underground works are expected to be finalized in Q2 2017. The building targets the Excellent ranking under the new BREEAM 2016 sustainability regulations, being the first project in Romania to register for certification under the new, stricter assessment methodology.

The construction works for Unirii View started in October 2016 and are expected to be finalized in the second quarter of 2018. The development is advancing at a steady pace, with circa 60 people working on the site on a daily basis. At present, works on special foundations are nearing completion, with slurry walls and piling already completed and the general excavation works well underway. The construction of the underground parking, representing the first phase of the development process, will continue in the next three months and the building is expected to reach ground zero in July. The general contractor appointed for the works is Bog’Art, one of the most reputable and timely constructors in Bucharest.

Unirii View is the first building in Romania to apply for BREEAM certification under the 2016 standards. The new BREEAM regulations launched last year are considered to be much stricter than previous versions. This means that the assessment of Unirii View will take into consideration higher standards, as the reference criteria seek further into the future, and the same ranking according to the old standards would most probably result in a lower ranking under the 2016 standard. The consultant in charge of the certification process is BuildGreen, Romania’s leading advisor in the field of development, design and certification of green buildings.

“Unirii View will be the first project in Romania to receive a BREEAM 2016 certificate, as it was the first project to register for the sustainability assessment under the new version. The applicable certification scheme is BREEAM International 2016 Office Core&Shell, which requires stricter criteria in comparison with previous versions,” explains Răzvan Nica, Managing Director BuildGreen.

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