May 15, 2017

Skanska and CAR4WAY jointly offer shared electric cars near office buildings

Skanska and CAR4WAY jointly offer shared electric cars near office buildings

Skanska Property, CAR4WAY and™ (brand of the Expedia group) have jointly introduced a project promoting electric car sharing and support for electro mobility. The aim of the project is to ensure maximum ecologisation and an increase in efficiency when using electric cars in urban traffic.

A modern and environmentally-friendly solution to city centres overcrowded with cars is offered by CAR4WAY with its concept for sharing electric and regular cars. With 300 cars, the company is the largest provider of car sharing services in the Czech Republic. Thanks to collaboration with other entities in the field of electro mobility, a concept was thus born in terms of which users can share environmentally-friendly cars while travelling around cities. Skanska for example offers the option of sharing electric cars in its Corso Court office complex in the Karlín district of Prague. Users of the newly created Visionary administrative centre in Holešovice will also be able to share environmentally-friendly cars.

“We have already offered the electric car sharing service for three years with ever-increasing popularity among our customers,” explained the CAR4WAY manager Hynek Homola. “They in particular appreciate the fact that they can travel in an environmentally-friendly way and not have to worry about costs for operation of the vehicle within the framework of the self-service reservation system. At the same time, travelling by electric car is becoming more accessible for an ever-larger group of people thanks to the constantly expanding charging network.”

Shared electric cars now park on the premises of the Skanska administrative building Corso Court in Karlín, where they are available to customers and the general public. People can try out the sharing service itself or choose different types of cars offered by CAR4WAY all over Prague. Two fast charging stations are also available for customers at the Corso Court building.

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