June 20, 2017

IKEA store in Belgrade to open in August

IKEA store in Belgrade to open in August

The first IKEA department store in Belgrade is scheduled to open its doors to the public on the 10th of August 2017, announced Stefan Vanoverbeke, CEO of IKEA South East Europe.

The company will thus reach an important milestone in its expansion strategy, as the new store will become its 400th unit.

IKEA has invested a total of EUR 70 million into equipping the new store in Belgrade’s Bubanj potok area, as well as an additional EUR 10 million in the building property infrastructure.

At present, the new department store employees 246 people. According to Vanoverbeke, the company plans to hire 160 new workers before the opening.

He also noted that IKEA has been planning its expansion in Belgrade for quite some time, and had opened a small shop in the Serbian capital back in 1991, which closed after one year of operation.

Currently, the Swedish powerhouse operates two department stores in Zagreb and Bucharest, aiming to continue further expansion in the South East Europe (SEE) region.

“After Belgrade, we will open our second department store in Bucharest, as well as our first store in Ljubljana. By 2025, we plan to reach a total of 25 stores in the SEE region,” said Vanoverbeke.

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