July 24, 2017

New edition of ‘Let’s Meet In Warsaw – A culinary map

New edition of ‘Let’s Meet In Warsaw – A culinary map

The new edition of Knight Frank’s publication ‘Let’s Meet In Warsaw – A culinary map’ is out now. Last year’s issue became very popular. This summer, we uncover new culinary directions in Warsaw. Knight Frank’s experts comment why it is worth to follow them.

The latest issue of ‘Let’s Meet In Warsaw – A culinary map’ presents innovative venues on the culinary map of Warsaw. Visiting them will be a thing to remember. Chefs and restaurant owners comment on the secrets of their cuisine and the decisive factors in shaping the capital city’s gastro-trends in many interviews featured in this edition.

“We want to show Warsaw not only as an attractive place to invest, but also a great place to live with a vibrant social life,” said Elzbieta Czerpak, Head of Research at Knight Frank. “This year’s edition of ‘Let’s Meet In Warsaw’ shows a lot more than the established centres of social life like Francuska street, Plac Zbawiciela, the Vistula boulevards or the area around Poznanska/Wilcza, Zurawia/Nowogrodzka streets. We present absolutely unique places. Culinary Warsaw holds some hidden gems which will impress even the most cosmopolitan out-goers. You can have sushi under the palm trees, try Asian cuisine in an old city bath, dine in absolute darkness, open a bottle of champagne with a saber or dance all night long with the city below your feet.
All you need to do is go and explore the city with our publication.”

The publication also features a sweet surprise for the readers. We present a list of Warsaw’s most interesting cafes and bakeries. This kind of places have a long tradition in Warsaw. The first café was opened in Krzywe Koło street in 1724, while the first confectionery started three years later in the Saxon Garden.

Since then, a lot has changed, but one thing remained – Varsovians keep on loving coffee and cakes and an entire culture of meetings arose around them. This year’s edition of ‘Let’s Meet In Warsaw – A culinary map’ draws attention to unique places which offer far more than just the traditional coffee and donut.

“The reason why cafes and bakeries remain so popular in Warsaw is because of their great diversity,” adds Pawel Materny, Head of Retail Agency at Knight Frank. “Apart from venues with long local traditions, more and more cafés and bakeries with an innovative approach keep opening up in Warsaw. They stand out with their out-of-the-box approach to creating desserts and great attention to product quality. Thanks to that, there are plenty of places to choose from in Warsaw. Any other European capital wouldn’t mind having such a selection.”

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