August 24, 2017

Caledonian School and Tutor are located in new premises in the Corso Karlín office building

Caledonian School and Tutor are located in new premises in the Corso Karlín office building

CBRE and Svoboda & Williams have made a long-term lease of office space for Caledonian School and Tutor, a subsidiary of EDUA Group. Both educational institutions have been housed in the Corso Karlín office complex since May, where the group has leased approximately 1,200 sqm.

EDUA Group is the largest private educational group in the Czech Republic and consists of the brands Caledonian School, Tutor, Top Vision, Jipka, TEFL in Prague and Know How Club. Together, they focus on the lifelong learning process and on developing innovation in education. Significant members of the group, the Caledonian School, being active in the local market for 25 years, Tutor and Top Vision moved to the new premises of Corso Karlín in Křižíkova Street in May this year.

The Corso Karlín office building is situated in a lucrative location close to Vítkov Park and the Křižíkova metro station. This office building demonstrates the successful and inspirational revitalization of industrial premises and was awarded the “Best of Realty 2001” and the “Construction of the Year 2001” awards.

The transaction involved Svoboda & Williams, who represented the tenant side, the EDUA Group, and CBRE, who represented the lessor, Corso Karlín. The lease agreement for a total area of 1,182 sqm was closed for seven years.

Jiří Cacák, Office Consultant at CBRE said: “In the transaction, we represented the owner of the Corso Karlín building, which offered the best solution to a client in the Karlín area. The premises will serve as a background for both schools and classrooms. CBRE is also the manager of the facility and has also provided all the construction work of new offices and a space that suits the needs of these companies."

Richard Valenta, Chief Marketing Officer at EDUA Group added: “We appreciate the professional approach of both real estate companies in finding our new home. We are very pleased to have chosen the Corso building in the heart of Karlín. Corso meets all our requirements and enables us to continue developing innovative and educational activities for private companies, public administration institutions and the wider public.”

Zuzana Virbová from Svoboda & Williams added when commenting on the transaction: “Our goal was to offer the client an appropriate solution in line with its demand to unify all of the activities of the companies into one building. The CORSO Karlín building was chosen to be the most appropriate based on the analysis of the offer and the needs of the client due to its location in an easily accessible location with a wide range of options when tailoring the facilities.”

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