September 01, 2017

Start of re-development works in Atrium Reduta – more space for food, entertainment and leisure

Start of re-development works in Atrium Reduta – more space for food, entertainment and leisure

Fulfilling the main strategic assumption, namely strengthening the value and enhancing the quality of key assets of the portfolio, Atrium Poland Real Estate Management commences extension of another of its Warsaw-located facilities–Atrium Reduta.

The first stage of the project is the construction and opening of CINEMA3D. As a result of the commencing construction and refurbishment works, a new food court area and chill-out zones will be established, and new enlarged fitness space created. Atrium has already obtained a building permit and has chosen a general contractor for the project. The works just started mid-August.

Atrium Reduta has been offering convenient and time-effective shopping as well as providing a broad range services, both in an intimate atmosphere for almost 20 years. Located at the major Warsaw thoroughfare - Aleje Jerozolimskie, provides convenient access to both people working in the city centre as well as residents of the southern and western districts of Warsaw.

Currently, Atrium Group as the owner and manager of this asset decided on re-positioning the centre in order to make it reflect in the best possible way the needs of its existing and future clients, and to make the interior design, spatial arrangement and offer match an urban lifestyle, equally during the day, straight after work, and also during the weekends. As a result, Atrium Reduta will be extended, and enlarged by 5,800 sqm GLA. The investment will be completed in cooperation with Carrefour, the building’s co-owner.

“The overwhelming majority of visitors to Atrium Reduta are young, demanding consumers who expect something more than just an appealing commercial offer from a modern shopping centre. Atrium Reduta is appreciated for its convenience, comfortable shopping in a pleasant, intimate atmosphere. However, for us, it is definitely not enough - we want this centre to become a place to spend quality leisure time. The goal of our changes is to expand the entertainment and recreation on offer and soon create a completely new restaurant zone in a modern setting as well as provide an exceptional climate for meetings and relaxation,” said Jarosław Szerfenberg, Head of Development, Atrium Poland.

The first stage of re-development works started in August. As a result, almost 2,700 sqm of new area will be added to the centre. The new part will be occupied by CINEMA3D, one of Atrium Reduta's strategic tenants, which offers its visitors an unforgettable movie experience in a six-room multiplex. This will be the first cinema of this chain in Warsaw.

CINEMA3D multiplex in Atrium Reduta will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including Barco ESCAPE panoramic multiscreen, digital 4K projectors, 3D DepthQ 3D projections and Dolby ATMOS advanced surround sound. CINEMA3D’s interior will stand out with its elegant design and numerous references to cosmic space, including a ceiling imitating a starry sky at night and floors lit with LEDs.

“The first CINEMA3D in Warsaw in Atrium Reduta is an important step in the development of our chain,” said Łukasz Gruszczyński, Marketing and PR Director, CINEMA3D S.A. “I am convinced that thanks to technologically advanced solutions engaging almost all of the senses during the cinema show and great care for viewers' comfort, we will quickly gain their appreciation. We hope that our presence in the centre, with a strong position and perfect location, will be an ideal complement to Atrium Reduta's offer as well as being a favourite place for spending leisure time with friends and family.”

Atrium also plans to create a separate gastronomic and recreational zone. The new space, filled with modern and original food concepts, will emerge as a result of the second stage of the upgrade, which is to commence at the beginning of next year.

In order to improve the quality of the recreational offer, a new fitness club will be built next to Cinema3D as part of the first stage of the Atrium Reduta upgrade. It will occupy an area of 1,700 sqm.

Along the walkways and retail passageways newly refurbished chill-out zones will be provided. Their new design will be compatible in style and atmosphere with the food area located on the upper level. All existing interiors will be refreshed and upgraded, creating a more elegant, boutique place.

The changes will also include a tenant mix that will focus on both women's and men's fashion, matching the needs of young, dynamic and active individuals who are the core target groups for Atrium Reduta. The Centre’s customers can now enjoy the unique offer of Blue Shadow and White House and the newly opened KANZ salon.

In July, the first outlet was opened by Peek&Cloppenburg; it is popular among the customers of the centre. The fashion offer will be enhanced by a wide range of services that will make Atrium Reduta offer its customers a comfortable and comprehensive service: shopping and the possibility of satisfying all needs in one place.

Overall re-development works will continue for next several months and will be completed by the 4th quarter of 2018. CFE Polska has been selected General Contractor for commencing the cinema and fitness stage.

The 4th quarter of 2018 marks three significant openings for Atrium Group – all three Warsaw centres from Atrium’s portfolio will be re-developed and revitalised.

At approximately the same time Atrium Targówek is expected to open in re-designed and re-furbished interiors, also enriched by a brand new 8,600 sqm GLA.

Atrium’s flagship centre Atrium Promenada is continuously being re-developed and refurbished as well. Re-opening is planned for fall 2018 as well, and it will embrace the main passage transformed into a Fountain Alley, newly-built Market Alley and food court area.

The overall project of re-development and refurbishment initiated in 2015 will come to an end in 2020. After completion of all stages of the project, Promenada will offer more than 90,000 sqm GLA, becoming one of the biggest and most influential shopping centres in the region.

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