September 11, 2017

Traficar and IKEA launch the first delivery van sharing scheme in Poland

Traficar and IKEA launch the first delivery van sharing scheme in Poland

Starting on September 4th, IKEA Kraków customers may rent delivery vans under the Traficar car sharing scheme. Renting a delivery van per minute directly in front of the store is a completely new solution in the Polish market and an unusual one in Europe. As a pilot scheme, six cars have been made available to customers, but the companies are already saying that the number will increase as demand grows. Traficar is also planning to extend the service to cover other locations.

Specially marked stations for the Traficar delivery vans can be found in the IKEA Kraków parking lot, directly at store exit. Customers can rent Renault Kangoo cars, available on a car-sharing basis in a stationary model. This means that once the furniture is unloaded, the car must be brought back to its original location. The cars have been selected with IKEA products in mind and will be able to transport every piece of furniture available in the store. This includes even the largest PAX closets in flat ergonomic packaging.

Quick, convenient and environmentally friendly
The operating model of automatic delivery van rental is exceptionally straightforward. Just as for passenger cars, customers simply need to install the Traficar app and book one of the vehicles parked in the designated spaces at store exit after they are done shopping. They then need to scan the QR code on the window to open the car. The solution implemented in collaboration with Traficar is a convenient and cost-effective way to deliver purchased items home directly after leaving the store. All Traficar vehicles meet the stringent EURO 6 exhaust emission standard. A B category driver’s license is sufficient to drive the vehicles.

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