October 11, 2017

Mennica Legacy Tower with foundation plate

Mennica Legacy Tower with foundation plate

The construction works of the Mennica Legacy Tower moves to the next stages. At the end of September, the general contractor of the investment – Warbud, has completed the construction of foundation plate with an area of 8,400 sqm.

Actually, Warbud is proceeding the target posts and intermediate floors with the shafts in the underground. A special two-storey façade model was also built on the construction site. It maps precisely the façade of the skyscraper, including the characteristic tilted window panels. This model is the basis (1:1 scale) for assessing the architectural aspects of the façade and is necessary at the further stages of the executive project.

The foundation plate was one of the key elements of the underground works at the Mennica Legacy Tower construction site. This element consists of 15 plots, and it was built out of 1,920 tons of steel and 12,000 m3 of concrete. For comparison, in another recently completed office building (with total area of 22,000 sqm.), Warbud used 1,300 tons of steel to prepare the entire building.

“We completed a very intense and difficult period on the construction of Mennica Legacy Tower. The scale of the work is evidenced by the fact that in ten months of construction of the underground part we used concrete delivered by as many as 5,700 concrete mixers. However, the construction works doesn’t slow down. We are currently performing i.a. walls, columns and ceilings on floors -3 and -4. The achievement of the “zero level” is scheduled for the end of November this year. During underground works, we also design the technical aspects of façade, which is distinguished not only by high technical parameters which limiting energy losses and openable, safe panels, which provide tenants with fresh air, but also constitutes a very interesting architectural form. Moreover, we have prepared a special two-storey façade model, that allows us to evaluate architectural and technical aspects - based on the model we chose the type of glass. All these elements are perfectly visible to people visiting our investment area from the Prosta street,” said Piotr TurchoĊ„ski, Development Director at Golub GetHouse.

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