November 06, 2017

Enterprise Park with another building completed

Enterprise Park with another building completed

The next phase of Enterprise Park construction process has been completed. Building E, a part of the IV stage of investment, was put into commission in the office complex in Krakow. In the building which total leasable area is over 15,500 sqm, up to 99 percent of commercial spaces have already been commercialized. Among the tenants of the Building E are i.a. Aon and Warsztat Kulinarny restaurant.

The new phase of the Enterprise Park complex is very popular among tenants. In the Building E, only one office space is still available – located on the ground floor, with an area of 205 sqm.

This part of the Enterprise Park will be the headquarters of Aon. The risk management services provider has leased almost 12,000 sqm. The agreement concerns the office space in building E and includes an expansion option. The deal was signed for 10 years. Among the tenants of the Building E is also Warsztat Kulinarny, a restaurant with industrial interior design and live cooking. It will occupy 420 sqm.

“Enterprise Park is one of the best locations in Krakow, appreciated not only by the rapidly growing companies, but also by their customers and employees. The high standard of the space available for lease, advanced technical solutions and numerous facilities for the complex users are the factors that had an important impact on achieving almost full commercialization of available space while commissioning another building,” said Marta WybraƄska, Leasing Director at Avestus Real Estate.

The Enterprise Park complex is located in the south of Krakow, which guarantees hassle-free commute by car and public transportation, as well as the vicinity of the airport and large housing estates. The project currently comprises four A Class office buildings with a 100 percent occupancy rate, and a total area of almost 36,000 sqm.

The complex will be expanded by two subsequent buildings (IV phase) with a total area of 26,500 sqm, putting into commission the Building E (15,600 sqm) and Building F (10,900 sqm) currently under construction but to be delivered in Q4 2017.

Both buildings E and F and the ones completed earlier, comply with stringent eco-certificates and BREEAM certification standards. Car parking spaces – in total 1,370, bicycle stands and bike rental will be available for tenants and visitors.
The architectural design of all buildings was created by the architectural design studio DDJM Biuro Architektoniczne. Eiffage Polska Budownictwo is the general contractor of the investment. Enterprise Park has been owned by Tristan Capital Partners and Avestus Real Estate under a joint venture agreement since May 2015.

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