November 13, 2017

Plovdiv assembles elite companies and state institutions for the First National Conference on Industrial Property

Plovdiv assembles elite companies and state institutions for the First National Conference on Industrial Property

On October 18th Plovdiv hosted the most significant event in the field of industrial properties, namely the conference of BGSKLAD platform. Companies, businessmen, state institutions, insurance companies, consultants, brokers and many other significant figures in the field of industrial property met to discuss the trends in the development of the industrial property market in Bulgaria during the last year.

The event was opened personally by Deputy Minister of Economy Lachezar Borisov. In his report he pointed out that for the achievement of high performance and sustainable growth in the economy, the government is constantly striving to improve the business environment in the country and that Bulgaria is becoming one of the most competitive investment destinations in Southeastern Europe.

Shortly thereafter, the Director of the Bulgarian Investment Agency, Mr. Stamen Yanev, gave a formal welcome to the conference guests and took part in the First Panel of the discussion with exclusive information for the Logistics sector, Mr. Yanev pointed out that the place that the BGSKLAD and Industrial Property Organizers have chosen for this event is good because Plovdiv can seriously claim to be an industrial capital not only for Bulgaria but also for the Balkan Peninsula.

As an organizer and owner of the BGSKLAD platform, at the beginning of the conference Mr. Simeon Mitev made a presentation for all guests and participants. The main emphasis in his speech was the development of the BGSKLAD platform so far and how over time it has become the platform №1 for industrial properties in Bulgaria. Although with only four years of history, according to him, the main merit behind the success of BGSLAW is good marketing, market research and analysis, as well as the quest to respond to the specific demand of the client at the given moment.He added that the good advertisement and popularization of the platform activity at home and abroad, its participation in all events related to the industrial market is also an important criterion for the success of BGSKLAD.

The topics and highlights of the conference that the organizers had included in the program covered the views of state institutions, private companies, industry professionals as well as manufacturing companies.

Although the industrial property market in Bulgaria is small in volume compared to other European countries, it is important from the point of view of its location on the map of Europe. Therefore, such events are of the utmost importance and must be conducted so that foreign investors interested in creating and developing a business in Bulgaria are aware of the current situation, the problems and the challenges they have to face before they make their investments in the best possible way.

That is why the organizers BGKLAD and Industrial Properties Plovdiv have decided the event to be free of charge so that everyone wishing to participate in the discussion with questions, opinions and recommendations can find common ground and solutions.

Lecturers and sponsors of the event were companies and associations from the industrial branch such as Sienit Holding AD, Galaxy Investment Group, Stamp Ltd., Euromarket and others.

The highlights in the first national conference on industrial property were:
– The market of industrial properties in Bulgaria through the eyes of banks, investors, evaluators, insurers and brokers
– The market of industrial properties in Bulgaria through the eyes of architects, builders, project managers and warehouse equipment companies
– The market of industrial properties in the cities: Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Stara Zagora, Veliko Tarnovo
– The market of industrial properties in Sofia, Plovdiv and the region, with the participation of representatives of companies, sponsors and specialists.

The past event left its enduring marks in business circles not only for the interesting guests, lecturers, sponsors and participants, but also because of the discussions that took place during the event. Guests, participants, lecturers and citizens were able to find the answers to the questions they were concerned about.

The BGSKLAD conference as held for the third consecutive year, but this time the event gathered many more professionals, companies, institutions and citizens from all over the country. The great popularity and the information that BGSL collects and analyzes through its partners in the country made this tradition successful again.

The owner of BGSKLAD Mr. Simeon Mitev pointed out that he is extremely satisfied with the event and promised that it will continue to be a tradition in the future and the next event will probably take place in Sofia, where once again the professionals in the industry will meet to discuss the trends in one of the most important sectors of the Bulgarian economy.
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