November 06, 2017

Young professionals have new, modern accommodation in Brno

Young professionals have new, modern accommodation in Brno

Today, a new concept of modern living for students and young professionals in Brno has opened its doors. DOMEQ will offer 159 rooms and apartments for 309 residents. It is located in Business Park Ponávka and a part of the residency will be allocated specifically to students and interns from the local firms in the area. The concept is unique because it combines the best of hotel and residential living. On behalf of CTP, the building will be run by the agency

DOMEQ is an exciting concept of modern living for students and young professionals of its kind in the Czech Republic. The unique nature of its structure is based on the idea of communal living, comfort, modernity and the design of the housing it offers to successful young adults. DOMEQ offers 130 rooms with a double bedroom, 5 handicap-accessible apartments, 15 marital rooms and 9 single rooms. The option of a room with a balcony is available.

DOMEQ provides communal areas and reception, parking spaces and a large terrace with breathtaking views of the city. Everything has been built with an emphasis on modern design and comfort. The concept drew inspiration from the needs of the young generation. In the list of services, you will find: a laundromat, shared bicycle room, room cleaning and the option of renting basic needs like tableware and bed linen. A small convenience store selling groceries and various essentials is expected to open on the ground floor of the building. DOMEQ can be utilized both as short-term housing for a few months or as a long-term solution.

“DOMEQ meets the demands and needs that talented young adults have regarding their housing. It’s much more than your typical accommodation. We believe that DOMEQ will become a go-to place for meetings among students and businesses; a centre for creativity and an ideal environment for the conception of start-ups. The rooms and apartments are meant for both local and international applicants who expect a superior sort of housing,” said Vojtěch Stehno, Founder of

DOMEQ is part of the Business Park Ponávka complex in the centre of Brno and prides itself on its excellent location and plentiful facilities. The surrounding area includes the most prominent universities in Brno (MUNI, VUT etc.) and large multinational companies.

“The space we have created will be able to increase the future employment of the companies in our park, which will satisfy the companies’ needs for greater accessibility to new talent and young professionals. DOMEQ is fully prepared to accept interns and employees of domestic firms. The stylish, community-focused dwelling will provide an additional benefit to these individuals and their work,” added Andrea Tkačuková, CEO of

The park nearby offers numerous activities and uses of one’s free time for sport and relaxation. Additionally, residents will be able to take advantage of the shared-bicycles program. This new location in Brno is appealing not only because it is easily accessible, but also due to its atmosphere, which has been created to correspond with comfortable living and everything that this modern part of the city provides. Safety is a priority as well. A security service and security cameras constantly guard the entire park. Furthermore, the entry to DOMEQ requires a chip card and the roads and sidewalks are well-lit.

For the smallest apartments measuring 22 sqm, prices start at 10,500 Kč per person, which is around €400. DOMEQ is owned by the company CTP and its business partner for the rentals is the agency, which cares for international students in the Czech Republic.

“We are happy to provide students with comfortable accommodation and to help our long-term tenants find new staff,” said Remon Vos, CEO of CTP.
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