December 18, 2017

Apart in Libero

Apart in Libero

Apart, one of the strongest jewellery brands in Poland, is to open its shop in Katowice, joining the group of tenants of Libero.

Apart celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. The company’s history goes back to 1977 when Adam Rączyński established his first jewellery workshop. After a few years he was joined by his brother, Piotr. Since that time the company has grown strong and it has become the leader on the Polish jewellery market as well as the most recognizable jewellery brand in Poland. The Apart shop will occupy 120 sqm in Libero.

“We open our new shops in carefully selected locations which provide us with appropriate surroundings. The Apart brand is mostly associated with modernity, richness of design and top quality. Thus, while choosing our locations we take into consideration practical aspects such as convenient transport and easy access to the facility as well as aesthetic aspects related to its architecture and quality of the interior. Libero meets all these conditions and I think it has a great potential in terms of becoming a popular and eagerly visited place,” said Helena Palej, PR Manager Apart.

“Jewellery shops are important for us about complementing our fashion offer. In Libero we try to strike an attractive balance between shopping, services, gastronomy, sports and entertainment. We gather a lot of functions in one place with a very broad group of recipients in mind,” added Marcin Szlufik, senior leasing manager in Echo Investment’s Shopping Centre Department.

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