December 01, 2017

JYSK signs deal to increase warehouse space at P3 Piotrków park in central Poland

JYSK signs deal to increase warehouse space at P3 Piotrków park in central Poland

Top pan-European logistics property investor-developer P3 is to provide a new 37,000 sqm Build-to-Suit (BTS) warehouse at P3 Piotrków park in central Poland for JYSK, the Danish-based global retail chain selling household and interior décor products.

The company currently occupies 10,504 sqm at the P3 logistic park in Piotrków, which it leased earlier this year (2017). During the development of the new warehouse, P3 will provide JYSK with 10,000 sqm of additional temporary space. Following completion of the new warehouse, JYSK will occupy a total of nearly 50,000 sqm at the park.

Piotr Bzowski, Leasing & Development Director for P3 in Poland, said, “Even though we have been working with JYSK for a fairly short period of time, less than a year, the fact that they are now trusting us to deliver this significant expansion project at P3 Piotrków park is a huge vote of confidence. We do our best to meet our customers’ expectations, providing solutions adapted to their current needs. A good example of this would be our proposal to provide JYSK with additional space on a temporary basis for the duration of development of the new warehouse. I am sure that this is just the beginning of a long-term cooperation.”

At 12m, JYSK’s new warehouse will be above standard height. It will also feature PIR core panels, more effectively insulating the warehouse from adverse weather, and energy saving LED lighting. Completion is scheduled for February 2018.

JYSK uses it space at P3 Piotrków as “buffer” warehousing, where products will be stored, sometimes for several months, before being shipped to the company's main distribution centre in Radomsko and from there to individual stores or direct to customers throughout Europe.

Bartek Tulejko, Logistics Manager for the Central-East Region at JYSK, commented: “As a result of our dynamic growth in central Europe, JYSK needed more warehouse space. With the new warehouse at P3 Piotrków Park, JYSK will operate almost 250,000 sqm of logistics space in central Poland, including our own facilities in Radomsko.”

At present, P3 Piotrków Park comprises 90,105 sqm of warehouse space plus land for development of an additional 400,000 sqm.
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