December 07, 2017

Warsaw Trade Tower modernizes its canteen

Warsaw Trade Tower modernizes its canteen

The modernization of the employee canteen at the Warsaw Trade Tower (WTT) has been finished. Tenants gained 641 sqm of modern space, designed in accordance with the latest trends in the arrangement of commercial foodservice interiors. The investment was a continuation of the rebranding of the building and at the same time a response to the needs of people working at 51 Chłodna Street. The process was carried out as an initiative of the building owner, Akron Investment Central Eastern Europe II, and its asset manager, Heitman. The architect responsible for the project was Andrzej Grabowski.

“The principles of healthy nutrition” published by the National Food and Nutrition Institute indicates that eating “4-5 meals every 3-4 hours” is optimal. Systematic nutrition, with one warm meal during the day, such as lunch, is crucial for the good functioning of our organism. Proper diet gives energy, reduces tiredness and improves brain performance. Breaks during the day also help to relax your eyes from the computer monitor, and sharing food with your colleagues encourages integration and helps to gain distance from professional duties. Therefore, in the WTT canteen, fresh vegetarian and meat dishes are served daily, and the menu is available on a dedicated internet platform. To meet the needs of tenants, the platform is also available as a mobile app on both Android and iOS devices. Through this app you can use all of the services available in the building.

As Izabela Kapil, Vice President of Portfolio Management for Europe at Heitman, commented: “The canteen is the backbone of the wide food offer available in WTT, therefore adjusting it to employees needs was one of the most important goals of the investor during the process of modernization and rebranding of the facility. Besides the canteen, employees also have at their disposal: cafeteria, bakery, and a common dining room for those who prefer home cooked meals.”

Changes in the commercial catering market are also seen by Connect Lunch Bar, the operator of the WTT's canteen, which are commented by Andrzej Grabowski, the architect responsible for developing its’ concept. “Not by revolution but by evolution. For the past 10 years, together with Marek Dębicki, the owner of Connect canteens, we have been watching the market changes and the expectations of our customers. At first we have prepared tasty and fast food. Now that the needs of our customers have changed, we are introducing live cooking services, and we became even more concerned about the comfort and diversity, what can be seen in our recent modernization in WTT.”

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