January 08, 2018

Tenants stay in Marynarska Business Park, lease extensions for nearly 1,800 sqm

Tenants stay in Marynarska Business Park, lease extensions for nearly 1,800 sqm

Marynarska Business Park remains attractive: two long-term tenants decided to stay on Taśmowa Street, extending lease contracts for nearly 1,800 sqm. They are Ford Polska, a leader in the automotive industry, and FCE Bank SA, one of the world's largest financial organizations operating in this field. International consultancy firm JLL mediated in the lease transaction process, and tenants were represented by the advisory company Cushman & Wakefield.

Tenants have valued Marynarska Business Park for many years; two companies present in the office complex since its beginning have decided to extend their lease agreements. The first of them is Ford Polska Sp. z o. o., a leader in the automotive industry and which occupies more than 1000 sqm of office space in Marynarska Business Park. The second tenant is the Polish branch of FCE Bank SA, a company offering a full range of products used to finance the purchase of Ford cars in Poland, and which will remain in its heretofore occupied area of 683 sqm. In the process of extending the contracts, the owner of the facility, the Heitman company, was represented by advisers from JLL. Tenants were supported by Cushman & Wakefield.

“Our company's strategy is to provide Marynarska Business Park with conditions encouraging business development and to increase the comfort of people working in the building. We are glad that the activities carried out by a stable team of experts find recognition amongst our long-term tenants.” said Izabela Kapil, Vice President Portfolio Management - Europe at Heitman company, adding: “Extensions of lease agreements by companies that have chosen Marynarska Business Park for their headquarters many years ago are a confirmation of the still attractive offer of the complex for demanding clients, especially on such a competitive Warsaw market.”

“We are satisfied with the long-term cooperation with Heitman company on such a successful project as Marynarska Business Park. JLL provides a comprehensive spectrum of strategic support services to the investment: through commercialization of the space, to property management, as well as a green BREEAM certification process. As a result the building enjoys continuous interest of companies which see it as their long-term business address, the best example of which are extension agreements signed by Ford Polska and FCE Bank,” commented Marzena Zielonka, Director at the Office Space Rental Department, JLL.

“We are happy to cooperate again with Ford Polska and FCE Bank, leaders in the automotive and financial industries. Thanks to the excellent organization of the project by the Ford Poland, Ford Land and FCE Bank teams, as well as the solution-oriented attitude of Heitman, it was one of the most efficiently carried out projects of this scale. As part of the adopted project assumptions, of which the key was the comfort of employees and optimization of costs without compromising on the quality of the office, the option of extending the lease in the current complex turned out to be optimal,” commented Paulina Misiak, Partner and Mikołaj Niemczycki, Negotiator at Cushman & Wakefield.

Marynarska Business Park is a complex of four modern buildings with a total office area of around 43,000 sqm. The buildings are situated in the business part of Służewiec in one of the most attractive locations in this area in terms of access to public transport - the facility is located in the direct vicinity of an SKM train station. The complex is environmentally friendly - it has a BREEAM In-Use International certificate and the mark “Very Good” in the “Asset” category, and the numerous solutions used in it have a positive impact on the health and comfort of the workers. One example is the introduction of a special Shuttle Bus for employees which, during the renovation of Marynarska Street, runs every day connecting to Metro Wilanowska and PKP Służewiec.

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