February 05, 2018

DVM group restructures leadership of its professional activities

DVM group restructures leadership of its professional activities

Attila Kovács – founder and managing partner of DVM group – mandated Tamás Sellyey group sales director with the leadership task of the company, including the operative management of its structural development and its external contacts with market players. Attila Kovács simultaneously resigned from fulfilling these duties.

DVM group is one of the most important players of the Hungarian design-and-build industry. The company – offering the most complex portfolio – has gone through an organic development process over the first 23 years of its market presence, and gained a unique professional reputation in design, construction, construction management, project management and environmental consultancy. DVM group – founded in 1995 by Attila Kovács, a cosmopolitan businessman, and architect by education – has come a long way: the enterprise that initially sprang from design and project management mandates have been assigned with more and more prestigious projects over the years and moved to various new professional fields. The ownership structure also expanded when three equal partners (all experts in their respective fields) joined. The company employing a handful of colleagues at the beginning now works with a team of 130 employees and represents a significant market share.”

The management group (hallmarked by Attila Kovács, Balázs Czár, Péter Haberl and Tibor Massányi) became complete with Tamás Sellyey’s 2017 arrival. He was immediately entrusted with top management tasks including strengthening synergies among different scopes of activities and divisions within the company, as well as ensuring their complex market exposure, having recognized all thematic overlaps. The current promotion that significantly broadens the responsibilities of Tamás Sellyey results from him having reconfirmed the trust he had received, as well as his successful ongoing cooperation with the management team.

Attila Kovács reflected on the handover of this important mandate: “After 23 years of organic growth, this was the appropriate momentum to delegate the company’s organizational leadership to specialized management. Our long-term vision of further increasing the current level of professionalism represented by our company is secured this way. Tamás Sellyey – with his experience in management and organizational development gained at multinational companies and SMEs – is a guarantee for the optimization of intra-organizational processes, and the increase of operational efficiency. Tamás Sellyey will join the top management of DVM group that (after the general organizational transformation) includes Balázs Czár, Péter Haberl and Tibor Massányi managing partners, as well as Norbert Losonczi director of business operations.”

Tamás Sellyey assumed the new role by saying: “It is an extreme honor that six months after I joined DVM group I am not only reconfirmed in my current position, but my scope of responsibilities also broaden with important new areas. I feel privileged to be able to represent the company in the market (with a declared trust from its owners), and to jointly lay a solid foundation for its further growth as part of the current structural transformation. I aspire to bring the sales and operative processes to the high level that we have previously demonstrated in the property development segment. I wish to foster the recognition of connection points, and the most efficient use of synergies among our divisions and with our clients.”

In the future Attila Kovács intends to focus his attention as a company leader and building professional to the property development activities of Horizon Development. As he emphasized: “This professional succession brings me absolute tranquility of mind, and I feel excited about being able to direct my energies to making our development plans a reality both in Hungary and abroad.”

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