February 21, 2018

Slowdown in the real estate market to come in 2018?

Slowdown in the real estate market to come in 2018?

The domestic residential and commercial real estate market has been flourishing for several years. Never before have residential developers been selling so many apartments and commercial developers – building so many offices, shopping centres and warehouses. The soundness of the industry is sustained by general economic situation. But there are more and more dark clouds on the horizon.

The Monetary Policy Council intends to raise interest rates in the near future, which have stayed at all-time lows in recent years. Such a raise – apart from shutting down the government’s “Apartment for the Young” subsidy programme – could significantly reduce demand for mortgage loans. Price increases for contracting and construction materials are also expected in 2018. Developer land banks are running low – the plots held there have already been developed and prices of new ones are sometimes astronomical. We can therefore expect further increases in apartment prices. Along with a lower demand for loans, this can mean the start of a slowdown in the market.

A downturn can also be expected in the office market, especially in its biggest slice which is Warsaw. There is a substantial oversupply of available spaces there – as much as a million square metres of vacant offices according to some estimates. In recent years, demand for office spaces in Warsaw has remained stable mainly thanks to the activity of foreign tenants locating their branches in the capital city partly as a result of Brexit. Without them, it can take years to absorb such a high supply by local tenants. The market will also have to deal with the effects of a new property tax whose introduction can dampen interest in Polish office buildings among foreign investment funds. The tax will also apply to commercial properties which will have to grapple with the effects of a Sunday trading ban.

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