March 26, 2018

Poland Sunday Trade Ban – Risk or Opportunity?

Poland Sunday Trade Ban – Risk or Opportunity?

Poland’s pre-eminent retail real estate groups, BSC Real Estate Advisors and Balmain Asset Management have joined forces to share their thoughts about the Sunday trade ban.

Balmain Asset Management and BSC Real Estate Advisors are pleased to share their report on the newly introduced and highly contentious Sunday trading restrictions in Poland.

The merged forces of both companies tried to evaluate the possible impact, both negative and positive, from the group’s significant retail footprint in Poland. The attached report accesses the companies’ operational knowledge as well as their deep retailer contacts in Poland and across the region.

The ban is a multifaceted topic as it requires an understanding of the legal framework and how this might affect shopper and retailer behavior and of course ultimately the value of investments. As can be found in the broad conclusion, any effect of the restrictions won’t occur evenly across these considerations.

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