March 19, 2018

V.Offices wins CEE award

V.Offices wins CEE award

Going up in the city of Kraków, the V.Offices office building has been awarded BREEAM Award 2018. The prestigious contest aims at recognizing real estate projects for their sustainable solutions. The award winning ceremony took place at London’s ExCeL Centre. The investor of the office project is AFI Europe.

The project V.Offices has been recognized the most sustainable building within the Central and Eastern Europe by BREEAM Awards 2018, beating out other Polish investments such as Mennica Legacy Tower in Warsaw, or Kraków’s Podium Park. In the Central and Eastern Europe category, the Jury had been analysing projects from all real estate sector, including office, retail and industrial schemes for their ability to illustrate the growing potential of sustainable construction.

AFI Europe is the investor of this exceptional project. The V.Offices brand corresponds with the facade of the building, which is V-shape. The project was designed with a strong focus on modern environmental, architecture and technological solutions, making it possible for its to secure BREEAM Outstanding certificate in the design stage, with the highest rating of 90.57 percent across CEE. The project has been recognized not only for its environmental solutions, but also for its ability to provide benefits for its tenants.

“We are happy to see V.Offices standing out on the European map of modern real estate projects as highly modern and sustainable building. The team of professionals from Iliard Architecture & Project Management, Sweco Consulting and Turner & Townsend has been leading the project from the very beginning. It should also be noted that designers have been paying a lot of their attention to optimize the construction solutions and their impact on the environment, as well as managing the costs of the property’s life-cycle, while implementing highly advanced models to assess how the project actually meets investor’s expectations, which is not a standard practise on the office real estate market,” said Sebastian Kieć, CEO at AFI Europe Poland.

The BREEAM Awards is the number-one recognition in the field of the sustainable construction. Introduced by the organization BRE, the BREEAM Awards aim at promoting sustainable solutions, with its BREEAM certification being a key criteria for the market.

Knight Frank acts as an exclusive agent for V.Offices.

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