June 27, 2018

Forum Gdańsk already gets around one million visits after opening

Forum Gdańsk already gets around one million visits after opening

One million people have already visited Forum Gdańsk, situated in the heart of the Polish city. This modern urban centre opened its doors around a month ago and immediately became a must-visit place for thousands of shoppers and visitors.

Forum Gdańsk has proven extremely popular with both local residents and large numbers of tourists. In the first days after the opening, the centre welcomed visitors from various Polish cities and other countries. May marks the beginning of the tourist season in Gdańsk, which was recently listed as one of the 100 most visited cities in Europe.

“The comments we have received from our visitors and tenants, both directly and via social media, as well as the comments quoted by the press, show that Gdańsk residents and tourists already love Forum Gdańsk and see it as an important place to visit," says Magdalena Gibney, Director of Forum Gdańsk. “It is great to see how impressed visitors are by the space, both inside and outside the centre.” 

The opening of this modern urban centre was accompanied by numerous attractions, planned to last for more than a dozen days and prepared by both tenants and the Gdańsk Forum Management Board. Thousands of people participated in the Gdańsk knowledge competitions, style workshops, the various attractions for Children’s Day and attended the concert of Grzegorz Hyży during the closing ceremony. 

Forum Gdańsk is a modern urban centre with public squares, 170 shops, more than 20 restaurants, playgrounds and numerous places for rest and relaxation. The centre opened on 26 May 2018, after 3 years of construction. In just a few months, this area will be even more attractive, following the addition of The Water Craft, the seat of the Urban Culture Institute. Multi Poland, part of Multi Corporation, and the City of Gdańsk partnered for the construction of Forum Gdańsk.

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