June 06, 2018

P3 gives Children’s Day gift to Brzoza school in Poland

P3 gives Children’s Day gift to Brzoza school in Poland

P3, the long-term investor, owner, developer and manager of logistic properties, has financed the development of two new sports fields at the Adam Mickiewicz Primary School in Brzoza, in the Grabica commune in central Poland.

The football pitch and multi-purpose sports field were officially opened on 30 May 2018 with a special celebration linked to Children’s Day (1 June). P3 Piotrków park is located nearby, at Wola Bykowska.

This is one of a number of similar community initiatives that P3 has supported in Poland. At P3 Błonie park near Warsaw, for example, the developer has created a football pitch for the local soccer team to train on.

Bartłomiej Hofman, Managing Director at P3 in Poland, said: “We want to be good neighbours. This is why we do things which make the lives of people living around our parks more pleasant. Two years ago, P3 financed renovation of the façade of the school in Brzoza, and last year, we decided to build the sports fields. We hope that the local community will make good use of them for many years to come. P3 is an investor with social responsibility. We are focused not only on our buildings, but also their surroundings and how they affect their environment. We are happy to engage in local initiatives and want to maintain good relations with the community, supporting them as much as possible.”

Jarosław Janczak, Headmaster of the Adam Mickiewicz Primary School in Brzoza, added: “I’m happy that our kids will have the chance to use new sports fields. I believe that it will help them develop their passion for sports, and make training much more pleasant.”

P3 Piotrków park in Wola Bykowska currently comprises six warehouses with a total area of over 200,000 sqm. The building occupier employ more than 1,000 people. An additional benefit P3’s investment in the area are the local taxes that flow into the commune’s budget every year. In 2017, P3 paid PLN 3.3 million in local taxes, and, in 2018, another PLN 4.7 million will be paid.

Krzysztof Kuliński, Head of the Grabica Commune, summed up: “We really appreciate the fact that P3 does more than just build its warehouses and pay taxes in our commune, it also also wants to be a part of the community. Together we can do more for those who live here.”

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