July 30, 2018

The first pilot Caffè Vergnano project launches in Krakow

The first pilot Caffè Vergnano project launches in Krakow

An exceptional coffee concept has emerged in Krakow: 1882 Street Coffee. This is the first Caffè Vergnano project of this type in Poland and in the world, combining the tradition of the oldest family-owned coffee roastery in Italy with the Street Food vogue.

Caffè Vergnano 1882 is the oldest coffee roastery in Italy, developed for four generations by the Vergnano family. Starting from a small store, opened in 1882 near Turin, through purchase of a coffee plantation in Kenya in 1930, up to 70 cafés in 19 countries: the Vergnano family has been consistently exporting the culture of authentic Italian espresso around the world. Every café is, on the one hand, a reflection of the most important values nourished by the family-owned company and on the other, blends into the urban and cultural context in which it has been set. The story is the same in Kraków.

1882 Street Coffee is the first container-type project of Caffè Vergnano in Poland and in the world. The café, located in one of the most popular Krakow’s food parks, combines ostensibly very distant ideas: a long-term tradition and excellent quality of the oldest Italian coffee roastery with a modern and popular street food philosophy. The mobile coffee container was equipped with top-quality apparatus to prepare the classic Italian espresso, aromatic americano or light latte. Following the model of other Caffè Vergnano cafés built in a traditional model and dispersed around the world, also this innovative concept includes local traits: apart from coffee, customers may order the traditional Kraków’s obwarzanek (pretzel) with fresh additions.

“By opening the first pilot Caffè Vergnano project in the 1882 Street Coffee concept in Kraków, we wish to promote the coffee culture in Poland. Food trucks are a format that is immensely popular in Poland these days. Food truck parks and street food festivals are a great and popular movement in which we want to participate. But our concept is also about something more. Thanks to the container project, we can serve top quality products at moderate prices. This is our response to popular network facilities. And this has been our mission for generations: to show the true face of Italian coffee,” says Carolina Vergnano, responsible for the global development of the network. “We hope that thanks to the successful pilot project in Kraków, it will be possible to pursue it not only in other cities in Poland, but also on a global scale. Our objective is to make a cup of high quality coffee an every-day pleasure, not a luxury.”

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