November 21, 2018

Green light for phase two of P3 Poznań park in Poland

Green light for phase two of P3 Poznań park in Poland

Long-term pan-European warehouse investor-developer P3 Logistic Parks has obtained a building permit for phase two of its P3 Poznań park, one of the largest logistics parks in the western part of Poland. Over 230,000 sqm of new warehouse space will now be developed on a 50 ha plot adjacent to the first phase of the park, almost doubling the size of P3 Poznań.

Bartłomiej Hofman, Managing Director of P3 in Poland, said: “We are seeing high demand for quality logistics space across the region, and this prompted us to expand P3 Poznań park. I believe that, just like the warehouses we have built over the last few years, the new buildings will be met with great interest both from our existing customers who want to grow with us and new clients that have only just started looking for space in the Poznań area.”

As it is now, P3 Poznań is already one of the largest logistic parks in the Poznań area. It is popular with customers because of its location (close to the S11 expressway, which connects directly to the A2 motorway). The two parts of the park are separated a road which is only used by P3 Poznań occupants. This is one of two access routes that providing easy and convenient road links to the motorway.

Piotr Bzowski, Leasing & Development Director of P3 in Poland, commented: “The A2 motorway connects to Warsaw in the east and Berlin to the west. This makes P3 Poznań park a popular choice for large logistics operators and companies distributing to western European markets, particularly Germany. It’s also an excellent location for production. Another advantage of this location is the competitive cost of labour and the availability of a large workforce compared to other European countries and regions across Poland. In addition, now that we have the building permit in place, we are able to deliver a new warehouse at P3 Poznań park in competitive timing without necessity to apply for administrative decisions.”

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