November 05, 2018

The iconic red-soled shoes are coming to Prague

The iconic red-soled shoes are coming to Prague

The well-known luxury shoe brand, Christian Louboutin, which is famous for its iconic red sole, opens its first store in Prague's Široká street. It is the first Central European branch as well as the most eastern branch of the brand in Europe. The premises of this exclusive retail brand were provided by JLL.

The fashion shoe store has branches in 12 countries in Europe. This summer they opened a boutique in Birmingham, England, though they had first appeared in Paris in 1991. One pair of shoes from this strand of the fashion world will cost you up to several tens of thousands of Czech crowns.

Christian Louboutin, who founded the well-known shoe brand of the same name, was born in 1964 in Paris. In addition to the women's and men's shoes, which are famous for their iconic red soles, he is also devoted to designing handbags. Louboutin is most known for his famous high heeled shoes, though he also focuses on balerina shoes and sneakers. His regular customers are many world-famous celebrities who have made this iconic footwear even more famous. Louboutin has also co-operated with fashion houses such as Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent. Louboutin even went to the European Court of Justice to copyright his red soles... and he won.

This store is the first direct representation of this brand in Prague. So far, we have been able to buy luxury shoes with red soles only in stores that indirectly represented the brand.

"Despite the relatively small market, Prague is a popular destination for tourists. With regard to the number of direct dealerships, it can be seen that shops with a luxury assortment believe in the Czech Republic and Prague market. Today, more than 50 luxury goods stores are located on Pařížská Street and 26 of them are operated directly. The remaining brands are represented by a local partner, whether in a single-brand or multi-brand way," said Tomáš Soukup, JLL Head of Retail.

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