January 07, 2019

Hi Piotrkowska 155 is rising in Lodz

Hi Piotrkowska 155 is rising in Lodz

Hi Piotrkowska 155, a mixed use complex of three commercial buildings being developed in the heart of Łódź, achieved the second milestone. Office tower has foundation plate and hotel has two floors. Construction of the complex is slated for completion in QI 2020.

“We have achieved the next phase of construction works on Hi Piotrkowska 155 site. Today, the last part of foundation plate of the office tower was finalized. We are developing floors above the ground and reinforcing walls of the minus two level. A great advance in construction of hotel building is seen, Hampton by Hilton has already two floors and the third is rising”, explains Jacek Pilarczyk, Project Manager in Master Management Group.

The Piotrkowska 155 complex is made up of three buildings: a 19-storey office building integrated with a 7-storey hotel and a 5-storey office building. The Hampton by Hilton hotel will offer 149 rooms. The two other buildings (19 and 5 storeys) will have A+ class office space of 21,000 sqm and 4,000 sqm of commercial space. The hotel and the tallest office building in Łódź will sit on a common floor plate of 2,000 sqm with shops, cafes and restaurants on the ground floor and medical and fitness centres above. Hi complex is being developed nearby an interchange station, commonly known as “unicorn stable”. It provides the comfort of access to municipal transport (12 tram lines and 6 bus lines) and is used by up to 50,000 people every day.

Thanks to the various functions of Hi Piotrkowska 155, which is being built at the intersection of Piotrkowska and Mickiewicza Streets, it will enhance the office, commercial and service offer in the center of Łódź. The complex also has the potential to drive tourism in the city – one of its tenants is the Hampton by Hilton hotel. A great advantage of the project is location. This will ensure that people working in the building and using the complex’s wide offer of retail services will have a perfect connection with every district of Łódź, as well as surrounding cities. Complex Hi will be a central point for local businesses, the people of Łódź and visitors to the city.

Piotrkowska 155 was designed to fulfil the highest standards of sustainable development to minimize the building’s impact on the environment and to meet the requirements of BREEAM certification. Innovative technologies applied across the complex will not only ensure good working conditions but also reduce maintenance costs. Cars, pedestrians and commuters will have easy street-level access to all buildings and commercial units with separate entrances.