February 19, 2019

Globalworth to finalise the construction of Renault Bucharest Connected in Bucharest

Globalworth to finalise the construction of Renault Bucharest Connected in Bucharest

Globalworth, a leading office investor in Romania and Poland, has completed the construction of Renault Bucharest Connected (RBC) just one and a half years after starting work on the site in the western part of Bucharest. The 58,000 sqm development, comprising office space, facilities and a design centre, was built in 561 days.

“Renault Bucharest Connected was from the start an ambitious project, designed to meet our partner’s specific needs. It was not always easy, but alongside our partners we found the best solutions to the construction market’s current challenges. The relationship with our tenants stands at the core of our business model. We are by their side from the moment we first meet, and we offer them continuous support from the instant we become their host”, said Dimitris Pergamalis, Head of Construction & Development at Globalworth.

The construction of Renault Bucharest Connected began in August 2017 and the works were finished in February this year. The project includes 40,000 sqm of Class A offices, served by an underground level with approximately 240 parking spaces, with a further 760 spaces outdoors. Renault Bucharest Connected includes a 8,000 sqm design centre, and the employees who work there will benefit not only from a 350 seat amphitheatre but also other facilities such as a restaurant, gym and a medical office.

The project meets the highest standards in energy efficiency and will be BREEAM certified at Excellent level. Moreover, Renault Bucharest Connected will be the first building in the Globalworth portfolio to be EDGE certified (“Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies”) as defined by the IFC, the investment division of the World Bank. A project that attains the EDGE standards of 20 percent lower energy use, reduced water consumption and less embodied energy in materials compared to a base case building, can be independently certified. Tenants benefit from lower utility bills.

Renault Bucharest Connected has low electric energy consumption and maximum efficiency in space heating, cooling and ventilation. The two large atriums, which offer more natural light for the well-being of employees as well as reduced maintenance costs, are a unique feature. In the same spirit, the building’s glass façade has been specifically designed to minimise heat loss in winter.

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