February 19, 2019

Swedish Design puts on “Nowy Targ” office building

Swedish Design puts on “Nowy Targ” office building

Tillberg Design of Sweden, an international business entity specialising in the interior design, is going to move to the “Nowy Targ” office building in Wrocław. Knight Frank was the advisor to the tenant in negotiations of the contractual terms and conditions for the tenancy of almost 1,000 sqm space. The newly-erected office building, made by Skanska, will be handed over for use in August 2019.

Tillberg Design of Sweden is the world-wide leading business entity designing luxurious interiors for sea vessels, hotels and restaurants. It has been operating on the market for 55 years now. Today it employs 115 architects and designers. On top of the Swedish Höganäs, its branches are located in Miami and Singapore as well as in Wrocław, where it has been present since 2012.

“As a consequence of the dynamic development and the expansion of our operations into the hotel market, Tillberg Design of Sweden has decided to change the location of its today’s office in Wrocław. When choosing the new site, the business entity has put on the prestigious location and comfort for its employees. As part of the tenancy agreement, the tenant is going to have an exclusive access to one of the patios which, in my opinion, is the coherent element of the whole space. What is more, both the employees and customers will have the opportunity to admire the stunning view of the Wrocław City from it. The office space is going to be finished up in line with the minimalist style which is going to be filled up with live plants,” says Anna Patrzyk-Sperzyńska, Leasing Manager from the Knight Frank branch in Wrocław.

“The vision of Tillberg Design of Sweden is: “Delivering Dreams”. What we offer to our customers are the projects they have been dreaming of and at the same time we take that our office was the long-dreamed-of place for work. We do think that the space where our visions are created plays the key role in the day-to-day creative life of the team. This is also the place where we spend a lot of time making wonderful designs that ensure comfort for passengers and unforgettable experience when sailing sea vessels world-wide. We highly appreciate the “Nowy Targ” office building for the implementation of the solutions based on balanced construction and access to the large amount of daylight. When designing our office, we were concentrating on the combination of modernity with natural materials and neutral finish. We are deeply convinced that the open nature of the building and the stunning view of the city will create a truly inspiring place for work that is conducive to the creation of fresh and innovative solutions,” says Frederik Johansson, one of the owners of Tillberg Design of Sweden.

The “Nowy Targ” office building is being erected in the very centre of Wrocław, approx. 400 m from the Market Square. It owes its name to the square bearing the same name which, in the past, was the main merchandise place in the city. The total tenancy space is 22,000 sqm. On 7 floors, there will work approx. 2.5 thousand people. The “Nowy Targ” building has been designed in accordance with the top standards of the balanced construction. In addition to LEED certificate at the Platinum level, it will also compete for the “Obiekt bez Barier” [No Barriers Facility] certificate. This means that the project will be adapted to the needs of the handicapped people, parents with children, senior citizens or non-Polish speakers. The “Nowy Targ” building is going to be the first one erected by Skanska in Poland with a concrete facade.

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