June 25, 2019

vsf's rowing themed foodcourt in Galeria Mazovia

vsf's rowing themed foodcourt in Galeria Mazovia

On the 22nd of June Galeria Mazovia opened its modernised food court. The new food court at Mazovia takes its theme from Płock Rowing Club, one of the oldest in Poland.

Created around the idea of a boathouse, the public area uses rowing sculls, oars, buoys and other items to connect to the sport of rowing. The furniture references the hardwood used in boat construction and the banquet seating imitates the boats and small ships that populate the river. With comfortable seating for over three hundred guests and further standing room around the 'piers' which separate the seating from queuing areas, the food court provides dining space for families, relaxation, easy conversation and people in a hurry.

"As well as creating a unique dining environment, we wanted guests of Galeria Mazovia to connect with a defining feature of Płock, " commented the designer, Paul Ayre, director of vsf-creative.

vsf-creative is a team of design professionals with extensive experience in the field of retail and retail-led architecture. Founded in 2010, the company brings together a wide variety of skills accumulated throughout the Central and Eastern European region on projects of every conceivable scale.

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