August 20, 2019

FAIN 2, or what's going on in the condo sector a year later?

FAIN 2, or what's going on in the condo sector a year later?

Does the Polish Pomerania region have a chance to become the next Cote d'Azur in terms of the availability of accommodation? Or is our condo and aparthotel market growing too fast for its limited potential? Participants in the second edition of the FAIN Investment Apartments Forum, to be held on September 16-17 at the InterContinental Hotel in Warsaw, will be looking for answers to these questions.

Interest rates are flat, looking at a gold rally at the New York exchange it's rather a bit too late to buy up the bullion, then what to do with cash reserves? Market reports indicate that Poles are still looking for the answer in real estate. However, they are increasingly buying condo units rather than "ordinary" apartments for rent (which later have to be managed, monitored, renovated etc.). As the customers are buying, the developers are building. All the more eagerly as plots intended for services are ideal for condo hotels or dormitories at the time of a shortage of land for housing.

Where will this current take us? How many more condo hotels can the Polish coast accommodate? Is attempting to manage them on your own too risky?

How to keep the place in good shape after it has been built and equipped and how to reach the customer with your offer? These and other questions will be asked – from the stage and likely from the audience – during the second edition of FAIN.

"We created the FAIN Investment Apartment Forum last year in response to a new trend in the hotel and residential real estate market. The premiere edition of the conference demonstrated the need for an event where the development and hotel industry can discuss new products and the potential of the emerging condo and aparthotel sector in our country. The meeting attracted tremendous interest among the participants, each panel discussion ended with a series of questions from the audience," says Andrzej Łuczyszyn, CEO of Nowy Adres. 

A look at the programme of this year's FAIN warrants the conclusion that the organizer is still keeping an eye on the ball and responding to the demographic changes which are shaping the investment real estate market. Discussion topics include both senior care centres and private dormitories, and even coliving investments which arouse great curiosity as they may not be fully understood by the older generations. Current draft legislation with a potentially big impact on the construction and hotel market will also be examined by experts.

The full conference programme is available at

The main media partner of FAIN is the magazine Świat Hoteli and, Substantive Partner – Fortech Consulting, Supporting Partner –, Associate Partner – YieldPlanet, with honorary patronage over the event by the Polish Association of Developers. The media patrons of the conference are: KRN, Krakowski Rynek Nieruchomości, EuropaProperty.

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