August 19, 2019

The 2019 GRIN Land and Infrastructure Forum - How to break the land bank?

The 2019 GRIN Land and Infrastructure Forum - How to break the land bank?

What's next for land prices? Where – and from who – to look for attractive plots for development? What changes in law and land taxes are we going to see in the near future? These are just some of the questions to which the answers can be found during THE 2019 GRIN Land and Infrastructure Forum conference, which will be held on September 16-17 at the InterContinental Hotel in Warsaw.

With prosperity seen in virtually all the sectors of the Polish real estate market, land remains a commodity of special value, desired by almost all investors. It is neither a renewable nor a complementary commodity – so its shortage cannot be compensated with any substitute. No wonder then that land prices in prime locations have surged by several dozen percent, in extreme cases even doubled, in recent years. What is more, it won't be easy to halt this land price surge – increasing land supply is not an easy task. New regulations introduced in recent years that were supposed to make large areas available for investments are yet to bring the desired results. But legal attempts to increase land supply are not the only changes that have taken place in the market – smaller or bigger modifications of regulations have also been made when it comes to taxes or ownership rights. Keeping up with all these changes in such a heated market is anything but easy – and that's exactly why Nowy Adres S.A. decided to launch a new series of conferences titled the "GRIN Land and Infrastructure Forum”. Participants in this unprecedented event will be able to find out about alternative ways of acquiring new plots for development, get familiar with the current state of legal and tax conditions concerning land sales and, above all, they will try to find an answer to the question that's on everyone's mind – can this price surge be stopped somehow? 

Nowy Adres S.A. is an experienced organizer of conferences dealing with real estate issues in Poland, with a portfolio that includes such renowned series as the "Real Estate Forum”, the "Polish Residential Market” and "Office Buildings in Poland”. The most renowned experts representing all the involved communities – including the public sector, developers and investors, lawyers and tax advisors, as well as non-governmental organizations – have been invited to take part in the conference. Such a selection of participants guarantees concrete discussions and real proposals on how to solve real problems. Because these – when it comes to the land and infrastructure issues in Poland – aren't in short supply. 

Patronage over the 2019 GRIN Land and Infrastructure Forum conference has been assumed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Marshals of the Lubuskie, Mazowieckie, Podlaskie and Świętokrzyskie Voivodeships, Presidents of Gdynia, Łódź, Poznań, Mayors of Mińsk Mazowiecki, Piaseczno, and Wołomin, also PFRN, PZFD, WSPON and others. The media patrons are KRN, Krakowski Rynek Nieruchomości and the portal EuropaProperty.

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