October 02, 2019

7R City Flex Last Mile Logistics line grows with another warehouse

7R City Flex Last Mile Logistics line grows with another warehouse

7R, a Polish developer has opened in Łódź it’s third urban warehouse within the 7R City Flex Last Mile Logistics line. The facility was fully leased before the official opening date.

"The facility in Łódź is our first officially opened and not the last warehouse in Central Poland. There is a huge business potential and this is why we have more projects in the pipeline for this region. We are especially proud of our Łódź project because of its location and visibility – everyone entering the city is welcomed by our logo at the ring road on the motorway," says Tomasz Lubowiecki, 7R SA President.

Similarly to 7R’s facilities in Gdańsk and Szczecin, which were the first of the 7R City Flex Last Mile Logistics line, the warehouse in Łódź was very popular since the start of this project. The 8,300 sqm of space was leased by Bel-Pol (1,300 sqm), RTV Euro AGD (1,600 sqm ), Hydro Building Systems Poland (2,500 sqm) and Zenner Poland (3,100 sqm).

"So far all of our urban warehouses have been leased very fast. This confirms we have taken the right approach. At the same time, it motivates us to continue growing. The tenants in our Łódź facility appreciated mainly the location, which improves last mile logistics operations as well as our flexibility in terms of for example the space division process and our open approach to the customers’ needs," says Bartłomiej Krawiecki, 7R Board Member, Head of Development.

7R City Flex Łódź I is located on the East side of Łódź, right at the A1 motorway and has easy access to public transport.

"I am very pleased that another big developer has trusted us and decided to invest in Łódź. I appreciate 7R for their innovative and professional approach, fresh business model and engagement. I am confident that the urban warehouses’ line has great potential. It is worth mentioning that the company has made the most of the location. I am convinced that tenants who have decided to operate from here will appreciate easy access to the workforce," says Hanna Zdanowska, Mayor of Łódź.

The facility has been constructed in only just over 6 months. It wouldn’t be possible without an experienced General Contractor - Commercecon.

"We believe each of our completed projects is a dream come true for the investor and a delivery of their business vision. 7R City Flex Łódź I is undoubtedly a perfect location and a very well thought through project responding to customers’ needs. Making these projects live wouldn’t be possible without an experienced and engaged team and mutual trust. We are very happy for 7R’s success and proud we could be part of it," says Hubert Hoffman, Commercecon President.

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