February 11, 2020

Tapas Bar Sobremesa teams up with Warsaw Brewery

Tapas Bar Sobremesa teams up with Warsaw Brewery

By the end of 2020, Tapas Bar Sobremes located in Warsaw Brewary will invite guests to taste exceptional Spanish cuisine, perfect for fans of hot, southern climates. The sun will shine all year round in this restaurant!

Sobremesa means a dessert in Spanish, but also a table talk. These words perfectly reflect what this new restaurant, that joins the Meeting and Flavors District in the very centre of Warsaw, will be.

"Sobremesa will provide you the joy of meeting and talking to your loved ones, with fine wine and remarkable tapas dishes - small snacks known from Spanish bars. Tasting many small dishes instead of one main dish, delicious Spanish wine, sangrie, feasting and talking with family and friends are what we love and would like to promote," said Anna Manowska and Katarzyna Tracey - the owners of Tapas Bar Sobremesa.

For the love of food

Both ladies began their culinary journey with Bistro Prosta Historia, located in the heart of Saska Kępa. It was the first Gourmet burger restaurant in Warsaw, that enjoys great interest after 10 years. More than three years ago - out of fascination with Spain - the first Sobremes was set up in Hali Koszyki. The owners want to build the same unique atmosphere of this well-known concept in Warsaw Brewery.

"Our work is our passion, what we believe is crucial to to be successful. Moreover, it is absolutely necessary to know trends, have good intuition, be consistent, continuously improve our offer, be present every day, keep an eye on the business, take care of relations with guests and employees and listen to the needs of customers,," said Anna Manowska and Katarzyna Tracey.

Some sunshine in the centre of Warsaw

Spain is a remarkable country, not only because of its climate. The Spanish cuisine, due to its proximity to the sea and the ocean, is based on fish and seafood. Moreover, a hallmark of Spain is its exceptional wines. The eating culture itself is also quite unique - feasting at the table together, long talks and having fun. Celebrating life, bonding and cultivating social ties. Certainly all of these will also be found in Sobremesie in Warsaw Brewery.

"It will surely be delicious - our chef Łukasz Kaniecki will take care of it. Lukasz is the most successful chef of traditional Spanish cuisine in Poland, twice awarded with a hat from Gault Millau and Golden Fork. In Warsaw Brewery, we will have a wonderful bar with a huge selection of wines and original cocktails, created by our extremely creative head of the bar. We want to have magical atmosphere here. We will enrich our offer with live music, live cooking shows and other surprises. Interior details are a strictly protected secret so far, but we have been working with the same decorator, so it's sure to be special," said Anna Manowska i Katarzyna Tracey.

Exceptional cuisine in the exceptional district

The Sobremesa restaurant will be located in Warsaw Brewery on the basement level. In total, the spot will occupy 250 sqm. In the summer the restaurant will invite guests to a cozy garden situated in the heart of the former storage cellars.

"The diversity is a through-line of our choices in creating the Meeting and Flavors District. Cuisine from the Adriatic Coast, traditional tastes of Galicia, European style or sophisticated desserts are the first pieces of this mosaic. We are showing more. Sobremesa will be an element of Spanish temperament and Polish sensitivity. I am sure that this restaurant will attract many guests who will come here tempted by delicious food and casual atmosphere," said Marcin Szlufik, Senior Leasing Manager at Echo Investment.

The Spanish tapas bar will perfectly fit into the DNA of Warsaw Brewery - one of the most distinctive places in the capital, that will be vibrant and lively 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

"We are both native-born Warsaw residents who love their city. We are really glad of projects that bring back Warsaw to its beauty. The revitalization of Warsaw Brewery, designed with respect for the past, and at the same time providing a new "spirit" and energy to this part of Warsaw, was immediately to our liking. Our concept, perfectly fits into the atmosphere of historic storage cellars, which together with other buildings of the complex will create a culinary destination for office workers and local residents, which we feel is wanting in this part of the city," said the owners of Tapas Bar Sobremesa

The Sobremes restaurant opening is planned for the end of 2020.

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