Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Schneider Electric presents its new office in Warsaw

With progressing global urbanization modern cities face significant challenges. Tackling them requires technologies that will make our cities smarter. Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management, demonstrates how the vision of smart cities can become reality with its new office located on Konstruktorska 12 in Warsaw, Poland. This modern facility has been built in cooperation with the developer Echo Investment, and designed by JEMS Architekci.

Currently cities cover 2 percent of Earth’s surface and provide dwelling for 50 percent of world population. It is expected that by 2050 this number will grow to 70 percent. Cities are also responsible for 75 percent of all energy consumption making enhanced energy efficiency a priority challenge, which they have to face. Park Rozwoju facility is a living example of how these problems can be tackled and how to approach the issue of smart cities.

“As a leader in energy management and a company that promotes smart cities, we considered finding a building that would be consistent with our image and vision an absolute priority. The new Schneider Electric Polska headquarters is a modern A-Class office building, employing innovative solutions developed by Schneider Electric, in which the concepts of smart cities and efficient energy management play a crucial role,” explained Jacek Łukaszewski, Country President, Schneider Electric Poland.

Solutions implemented in Park Rozwoju have been linked into a singular integrated building management system, which is the only way to secure optimal efficiency. ‘Smart’ technologies employed in the building include energy monitoring and management system connected to 20 smart meters measuring energy usage for the building grid connection as well as key electrical uplinks. Collected data is used for energy usage optimization and running facility diagnostics.

Ventilation and air distribution system was another element for which work comfort played a key role. Special sensors measure CO2 levels and maintain proper circulation if safety limit is reached. Additionally all rooms accessible to staff are equipped with independent area temperature controls.

Facility management is handled by building automation systems that enable optimized and more efficient management of all systems for managers and supervisors while also cutting costs. Software allows smart monitoring, control, and management of infrastructure and utilities such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, power, and lighting from one point removing the need for multiple systems and software, and also reducing the costs of staff training and increased maintenance. All building parameters measured by meters that can be accessed remotely via BMS (Building Management System). Energy usage levels of fans and central ventilation units can also be monitored.

“As a company promoting sustainability Schneider Electric puts much effort into assuring that each investment is green and ecofriendly. That’s why we focus on efficient energy management that allows us to achieve savings in many areas of facility operations. This way we can reduce the total energy consumption by up to 30 percent, substantially reducing carbon emissions which is and will be a priority for climate protection in the next few years,” added Jacek Łukaszewski, Country President, Schneider Electric Polska.

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