Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Immobel and Multibud will develop Granary Island in Gdansk

Immobel – a subsidiary of Immobel SA, a listed developer actively operating on the Polish, Belgian and Luxembourg markets, has been chosen, together with its partner in the consortium, Multibud SA, as the investor/private partner for the development of the northern part of Granary Island in Gdansk.

Granary Island has been waiting for a landlord since WWII who will develop it and bring out its exceptional potential. The decisive moment for the development was the announcement of a public tender done by the City of Gdansk in 2014 to develop a venture under the name “The development of the northern cap of Granary Island”. That proceeding has been completed by the choosing of the Immobel Multibud Consortium offer. The signing of the public-private partnership agreement – the investment contract – is imminent, and design works will begin immediately after signature.

“Enriched with experience of previous competitions, in cooperation with our Partner and RKW architectural offices we have designed the multi-use development which will gather under “one roof” of the New Granary Island as well apartments, hotel, retail, restaurants, service premises as boutique offices and underground garage. In our common opinion, this place shall become vibrant and lively spot, which will attract tourists and will create superb conditions for shopping, leisure and residence. Our project guarantees that,” said Bartłomiej Hofman, Managing Director of Immobel Poland.

The investment will be developed in a few phases simultaneously with number of public purpose investments connected with the refurbishment of the traffic infrastructure, remodelling the Stagiewny bridge into a draw bridge, the expansion of the marina, and a pedestrian bridge linking the Island with Dlugie Pobrzeze boardwalk. The entire costs of the development are estimated at pln 400 million.

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