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Over 1,000 trees and plants to be planted in Vox Vertical Village

Over a third of the constructed area of residential project Vox Vertical Village, due to be developed in Timisoara, will be represented by terraces and green areas.

The project represents an unique concept in the residential market in Romania, being the first ‘vertical village’ to be developed on the local market. Vox Vertical Village will reunite 120 houses in a building with 10 levels and will also imply the developing of a ‘vertical forest’. Over 1,000 trees and other plant types will be planted both in the interior of the project and on the terraces.

”We have spent more than a year alongside the architects sketching out the concept behind Vox Vertical Village. Our objective was to create a new housing ecosystem model through which we could bring homes in an specific urban medium. The result is a city in miniature, vertically displayed, with vast common areas on every level that facilitate the interaction between the community members and terraces that resemble gardens,” explained Virgil Tornoreanu, managing partner Werk Property Group, the developer of the project.

Vox Vertical Village will represent a premiere concept on the Romanian market also due to the facilities that will be available for the futures owners: a generous atrium with a high degree of natural lighting, which will increase the interaction between the community members, an outdoor pool, cinema and a fully equipped gym.

”We started from a classic pattern of home residential concept and then we isolated an area of 12 houses, the streets being transformed into plazas and small bridges between different areas. We obtained a module with a vast interior common area, surrounded by houses, gardens and terraces on the exterior of the building,” explained Radu Golumba, managing partner Studio Arca, the architect of the project.

Vox Vertical Village will be developed after an investment of €14 million and will be delivered at the end of 2019. Vox Vertical Village is being developed in the immediate vicinity of Vox Technology Park, an office project with a leasable surface of 26,600 sqm developed also by Werk Property Group after an investment of €30 million.

Additional to the two projects, Werk Property Group will also develop Vox Green Parking, with 400 parking spaces that will increase the general accessibility of the area and will be added to the vast list of facilities available both for the tenants of Vox Technology Park and for the home owners from Vox Vertical Village.

Werk Property Group is active for several years on the real estate market. The company has developed Rivendelle, a residential complex of premium apartments in Timisoara and Vox Technology Park. Virgil Tornoreanu is a successful local entrepreneur, with activities on the real estate and IT markets.

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